April 01 – May 06 2017

QLICK Editions is very proud to present the first solo exhibition at the gallery of Spanish artist Andrea Torres Balaguer. She will show her Moon series, which was made thinking about the light moon phases, exploring the relationship between femininity and nature through symbolism. Each one of the images act as a ritual devoted to some natural phenomenon, belief or aesthetic idea that is related to the moon cycle.

In her work, Torres Balaguer is influenced by dreams and surrealism, exploring the relationship between femininity and nature through the symbolism and dream transcription technique. Inspired by references to psychoanalysis theory and magic realism, her pictures experiment with the conscious-subconscious. Thinking about the scene-action concept, she creates pictures that suggest stories and invites the spectator to interpret them, searching to experiment with the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Please be welcome for the opening on Saturday April 01, 2017. The opening will take place from 17.00-19.00 at QLICK Editions. Artist will be present.