This Art Fair

Dec 27 2017 – Dec 30 2017

One last art fair in 2017 for QLICK Gallery! After having participated four times already, QLICK is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with This Art Fair, previously known as Art in Redlight.

This Art Fair is an Amsterdam based art fair offering a platform for talented artists to show and sell their works – with or without gallery. Showcasing unseen and up-and-coming talents as well as well-known artists, they demonstrate the diversity of the visual arts to a broad audience.

Although their focus is on the visual arts, This Art Fair also forms partnerships with organizations showing other art disciplines during the art fair. Through This Art Fair there are workshops for fair participants, they contribute to the economic independence of artists and enhance cultural entrepreneurship and expertise.

In booth G16 you can find works by:

Andrea Torres Balaguer
Ed Spence
Kylli Sparre

Please let us know if you would like to visit. For more information about This Art Fair, click here.

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