Reka Nyari

Reka Nyari
1979, Finland
Currently living and working in New York

Born in 1979 to a Finnish mother and a Hungarian father, Reka started painting even before she could walk or talk. This led her to New York to study Painting at SVA at the age of 17. Her love for photography began after graduating, when she started modeling and traveling in Asia and Europa. Reka moved back to NYC in 2004 and started shooting, and she is currently still working and playing in New York City.

Reka has always been attracted to erotica and adds sensuality to anything her lens captures. When she went to art school it was natural for her to combine her fascination for fleshliness with her obsession to create. In her pictures she tells stories that stimulate the mind.

Reka feels most comfortable shooting women in an easy and festive atmosphere where she can connect with them over whiskey, champagne and cigars. The borders between playing a roll and real life fade. This way Reka can see and capture the essence of her models. The result is a narrative image where she sows us not an offensive form of seduction but still powerful and at the same time very intimate.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the US and in Europe. She is one of the most renowned fashion and art photographers at this moment.


“Summershow”, QLICK Editions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
“Blacklight”, QLICK Editions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
“Art meets Fashion”, Brooklyn, NY.
“Wanderlust”, New York, NY.
“Art at the Warehouse”, QLICK Editions, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
“Madamorfozes”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
“Beautiful Burn”, Fotocare, New York, NY.
“Global Artists at Home and Abroad”, Broadway Gallery, New York, NY.
Group show, QLICK Editions Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
“Madamorfozes”, Vilnius, Lithuania.
“Erotic City”, The Celebrity Vault, Los Angeles, CA.
Galerie Daniel Tanner, Zurich, Switzerland.
Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
Red Elf Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY.
NYAXE Gallery, Palo Alto, CA.
“Political Monogamy”, Marquee, New York, NY.
“Political Monogamy”, Mansion, New York, NY.
“Feministique”, Mansion, New York, NY.
“The Late Night Sessions”, Chelsea Market, New York, NYC.
“The Late Night Sessions”, The Gallery at Crobar, New York, NY.
1st place Winner of International Photography Awards (IPA) 2010, Beauty Pro Category
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