Gabi van Ingen

Gabi van Ingen (1985)

Lives and works in the Netherlands.

Emptiness, desolation, separation, stillness. These are a couple of key words that characterize the works by Gabi van Ingen.

Van Ingens photographs are often dark in color, almost monochrome, and depicts a very special fragility. This is achieved via adding extra processes to the images. Van Ingen uses both analogues as digital techniques for collages and therefore creates stratification with new forms and meanings. At the same time she tries to seek out the boundaries of photography by experimenting with shapes and concepts of time and space.

The series ### was the start of a new way of working for Van Ingen. Just the making of the photograph is not interesting enough for her. She likes to combine multiple elements from different images where she can create a stratification out of landscapes to which, as a counterpart, abstract lines and shapes are added.

Basis photography is always the foundation of the final images. Van Ingen draws an image on paper and tries to find images which explains her idea. For ### she used paper triangles, revised with folding techniques, charcoal and paint. These triangles were photographed as loose elements and were placed in the landscape for the final work of art.

Van Ingen finds it very important that the spectator sees that she constructs her images. The abstract world she uses to tell her story leaves enough space for the imagination of the spectator and offers multiple possibilities for personal interpretation.

Photography Bachelor (2009-2013)
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Netherlands
Preparatory year Art full time (2008-2009)
Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Netherlands

2015 / 2016 Old School, Leiden (NL)
2015 / 2016 Solo exhibition, Nobody Has To Know, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 Kunstroute, Leiden (NL)
2015 Generation 2015 by MOAM, Amsterdam (NL
2013 AIR9 | Beurs van Berlage | Amsterdam
2013 BARTER FoamLab | Pllek | Amsterdam
2013 Joot Books | Amsterdam
2013 Kunstpodium jong talent | Menzis | Den Haag
2013 Kunstroute | Leiden
2013 Festival Leiden2punt3 | Leiden
2013 Pop up Market | De Waag | Leiden
2013 Het is stil / Het is storm | afstudeerexpositie KABK | Den Haag
2013 Up&Coming Choreographers | Het Korzotheater | Den Haag
2012 Cone | Dende | Leiden
2012 Struggle | KABK | Den Haag
2012 Struggle | CAFA | Beijing, China
2012 Versus | Creatief Warenhuis Hoop | Den Haag

Publications & Interviews
Okt 25, 2015 New Dawn Paper
Nov 16, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Newspaper, Uit agenda Den Haag
Jan 17, 2013
Jan 14, 2013
April 10, 2012 Catalogue Struggle