May 21 – Jul 02 2016

“Where I went, no one could follow. Yet someone managed to hold my hand.” — John Banville

QLICK Editions is proud to present the second large solo exhibition of Kylli Sparre, “DREAMS”.

Her latest solo exhibition will open on May 21 and contains works which haven’t been on show yet and are new to the collection.

After years of a professional ballet career, Sparre turned in her ballet slippers for a camera. She is able to show you a whimsical world of beautiful loneliness, natural coexistence and solemn peace in pictures that speak to one’s sense of being. She desires to look beneath the surface and hear the unsaid words. She carefully studies the relationships between people and their surroundings; especially nature is a big influence in her work.

Please be welcome at the opening from 18:00-20:00.

Preview on invitation only: 17:00-18:00.