Guest Expo: Nienke Wind


Sept 01 – Oct 14 2017

QLICK Editions is starting the new cultural season with an exciting guest exhibition by Dutch artist Nienke Wind.

In the series “Sleeping Beauty” Wind examined different contradictions; themes we are all struggling with in daily life and what excites us. Themes such as dreams and the unknown versus the reality, esthetics versus imperfection and being at peace versus restlessness.

“The feeling of the emptiness that roars around in our society and how everybody is trying to perceive something and find balance at all costs was a big inspiration in my work. In my area I see more than often people who are over stimulated, empty and burned out. There are so many expectations that we have to live up to, that it feels like a massive weight is pressing down on you. It confuses a lot of people and makes their longing to the past stronger, the time where it was all better and more easygoing at a slow pace: the past gets romanticized and becomes a dreamlike reality.”

The opening of the show will be on September 1st, 18.00-20.00. Please be welcome to visit.

Drinks are generously sponsored by Heineken.

Sleeping Beauty 2.1