May 12 – Jul 01 2017

QLICK Editions welcomes you for the opening of “Other Arrangements”, the first exhibition of Canadian artist Ed Spence at the gallery.

This exhibition explores photography through the manual dissolution of the photographic image into component parts. Through the near complete elimination of the illustrative image, the subject is replaced by an essential form comprised of its own reorganized self. The photographic images are shattered into component parts allowing the virtual convergence of subject and ground. Both representational and abstract, they act as cyphers that provide little more than fragments, gradients of colour and brief titles as clues to their original content. Upon first viewing, these pieces evade being read as photographs, but each one consists of a single digital image. No information is lost or gained in the process, and each image retains its unique original content, reconfigured.

Please be welcome for the opening on Friday May 12, 2017. The opening will take place from 18.00-20.00 at QLICK Editions. Artist will be present.

Monte's Wall